Friday, June 5, 2009

Lake Show Take Game 1.

The Lakers take game one behind one of the best performances by Kobe, I seen this playoffs. Kobe looks more hungry and focused than ever. I can tell he wanted that game last night. Now Im lookin forward to game 2. I know it will be a much more competive game. I got the Lakers winning in 6.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


After 3 years Kanye finally released a video for my favorite song Spaceship.Check it out.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Farewell Lebron.

I guess this is the only way we gonna see Kobe and Lebron together this year in the playoffs. We have to wait to next year. While Lebron learns you cant win it by yourself. He still played his heart out. I understand why he walked off the court. But check out probably the last Kobe and Lebron commercial this year.

Might Cop.

The Nike Air Max 1 Safari Pack brings two new colorways for the summer. Purple and yellow Safari print has been applied to white and grey colorways of the classic Air Max. I have to cop either the yellow or purple ones. I dont know yet.





I been saying all season that my Lakers are going to win the championship. This is the year when my teams win the championship. Lakers match up good with Orlando. They may have beat us twice during the regular season with Jameer Nelson. Now He might make a come back but he wont be as effective as he was. They beat us by singe digits and Jameer was the leading scorer in both. I think we win it in 6 games probably 7. But its going to be a great series cant wait till Thursday.



Well if you an Omarion Fan. This should be good news to hear. Omarion is officially with Young Money. I guess if you cant beat them, join them. Well Check Out The Video.