Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lebron Is Too Strong I Swear.

Look At This Shot Lebron Hits From Half Court

Im Back.

I Kno I Havent Blogged In A Minute. I Been Busy Enjoyin My Spring Break. But So Much Has Been Happening Since I Been On. Like This March Madness Tournament. Been Amazing. Mostly Top Seeds Winning. But Villanova Looked Good And Ofcourse My North Carolina Tar Heels Look Good. My Tar Heels Are Going To Win It.


But While I Been Home I Did Couple Of Partyin Mostly Chillin Wit My Manz. Last Night Icons Was On Point.

Heres A Pic From Last Night:

And Last But Not Least New Impressions Rock. If You Dont Have Their New CD.
Here You Go:

New Impressionz New CD 3-6-09 @ Kemmi Institute

Track 1. She Got
Track 2. Whistle While You Work
Track 3. Single Ladies
Track 4. Every Girl
Track 5. Ass Bouncin Like
Track 6. Rocking That Thang
Track 7. Put It On Ya (Snippet)
Track 8. Im Losing It aka Pick It Up (Unstoppable)
Track 9. Dem Jeans (Pop Your Pussy)
Track 10. BirdWalk
Track 11. New Sexual Chocolate
Track 12. 08 Get The Rockin
Track 13. Booty ( Donk)
Track 14. Put It On Yah

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lil Wayne And His Success.

Lil Video Speakin On Lil Wayne Success. And What To Come In 2009. Just Watch You Should Enjoy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Kno This Is Couple Days Old. But Lebron Is Rude.

Lebron James Blocks Jason Richardson's 360 dunk on the fastbreak. Lebron Is A Good Trailer Blocker. Just Come Out Of Nowhere. He's Getting Famous For It Now. But Watch The Video. Amazing. (He's Supposed To Let Him Dunk That. RUDE!!!!)

Amber Rose. WTF??? Cant Be My Girl.

You Have To Listen To What Amber Rose Has To Say. At First I Thought Kanye Was Doin His Thing With Her. But After This Interview Wow Kanye 4real Tho?

My Favorite Cd Right Now.

Download Here:


The-Dream - Love Vs. Money (2009)